Differences between a townhouse and a single family house

When you plan to invest in property and buy a house for yourself, the most difficult decision comes regarding which type of house to go for. It all actually depends upon how long you want to stay in that particular house and how your life may alter in the near future. Also, it depends upon how much you can afford. E2 Condos and Charles Church Condos are the 2 best known projects in downtown Toronto where people can’t afford Single family Homes.

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Each type of house comes with a set of pros and cons. It all depends upon your set of priorities and lifestyle. You can go for the type that suits you the best. In this article townhouse and single family detached house have been compared on the basis of basic factors.


The main thing that differentiates the two types of houses is the structural features. A townhouse shares one or more walls with other houses in the complex. It also has a limited area for the front and backyards and the inside area is also smaller as compared to the detached single family houses. This means a major compromise on the noise and privacy. Townhouses are usually located in urban areas which are congested yet, are easily accessible to most places.

Single family houses are usually located far from the congested areas, in the serene and peaceful localities. They however require personal conveyance as they are far from the transit stations. These houses have huge front and backyards and are built on personal piece of land. They ensure complete privacy and are bigger in size than town houses.


Townhouses are not very inexpensive than single family detached houses as they do have additional expenses of their own. Townhouses usually have house owner association’s fees and they also require regular maintenance costs. Single family houses are free from house owner’s association expenses though. But, townhouses are comparatively cheaper than single family houses cost wise. They are a good option for a small family or first time house buyers.


This is the major difference between the two types of houses. Townhouses are usually community based. They have a house owner’s association and there are set of rules for the people living in that community. Sometimes the rules are as strict as setting up a common color for the exterior of the house and even for who gets to live in the house. This may mean restriction on having pets and minimum age limit for the owner of the house.

Single family detached houses are however free from any such restrictions and therefore are more liberal.  

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