Updated: Types of houses available in Canada

Every country or region has a particular lifestyle and climate. The houses built in that particular country is in accordance with their lifestyle and climate. In Canada, there are different types of houses. People can choose a house according to their need and affordability. Downtown has high rise buildings like Max Condos where as suburbs are low rise or boutique style of buildings.

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Different housing options are:


Condominiums are actually a type of ownership. This can be for any sort of housing. In this ownership form, the owner only owns the built unit. The land and other facilities plus shared area are maintained by a fixed fee. This may include the elevators, the covered area of the building, carpets, front entrance and other facilities. This fee is given on monthly basis by all the people owning houses in that particular complex. This fee is in addition to the mortgage fee that one has to pay.

Detached house

Detached houses are the most expensive form of houses. They are usually stand alone units and come with ownership of the house plus the land it is built on. The owner has to pay all the utility bills like heating, electricity, television, telephone etc and if the house needs maintenance, the owner has to pay for it as well. The owner is free to make any sort of changes inside and outside the house.

Town Houses

Townhouses are a row of houses that look alike and are often called as row houses. These houses are attached to each other and each unit shares a wall with the unit on its either sides. There is sometimes even a separate unit built above the ground level. Townhouses are two to three stories high.

Semi Detached Houses

Semi detached houses are attached to another unit on one i=of its side. Like detached houses, the owner owns the unit plus the land it is built on and is responsible for all the bills and maintenance costs. They are less expensive than the detached units.

Duplex/ triplex

Duplex or triplex refer to the entire building that consists of two or three separate units. These separate units can be detached, semi detached or town houses. Typically people buy the duplex or triplex unit and then put individual units on rent. The money from rent helps in paying off the mortgage for the complete set up.

The real estate market in Canada comes up with all sorts of loan and mortgage options. These options and plans make it easy for people to buy the property of their choice and criteria.